How to Mix Milk Paint

How to Mix Milk Paint


Learning how to mix your milk paint is usually the most intimidating part of working with milk paint! All it takes is following these simple steps for a perfect blend and paint job! 



 For a solid opaque mixture, we reccomend using equal parts water to paint powder. 

To prevent a clumpy mess at the bottom of your cup, fill with water first, then add the milk paint powder and stir right away with a whisk. 

Stir for a minute or so, then let it sit for 10 minutes to dissolve the pigments and such, then come back and stir again right before use. 



Your paint should flow like a table cream. There should be no lumps or clumps, keep mixing if there are. 

If your paint is feeling too thick, you can slowly pour in water while mixing and watch your paint thin down.




The best way to find out if you have mixed your paint correctly is to paint it onto something and look for 3 things. 

- No lumps or clumps - mix more if they occur and perhaps add a table spoon of water to thin out if necessary. 

- Pigment streaks - mix more. 

- Too thick - it drags as you start to paint with it. 

- Too thin - you can see right through and it looks very watery - add more powder and continue mixing. 



After mixing your paint  you may notice some air bubbles on the top, this is totally normal and can be simply brushed out when painting.  



The pigments will separate while the paint is left to sit, which can result in ( a sometimes very beautiful effect) of pigment separation on your furniture.  If you want a consistent finish then be sure to give it a stir while working with the paint every couple of minutes or so. 

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