Primer Zero Voc

Our Zero VOC primer seals uneven porous surfaces and prepares substrates to provide a uniform foundation for Homestead House's 100% Acrylic, Interior Edition Latex. It eliminates low gloss spots on newly patched areas and improves the appearance of the topcoat.

Our Zero VOC primer has excellent coverage, only requiring one coat with coverage per gallon up to 500 sq ft.

Can be used on old paint or bare wood, previously varnished or tinted surfaces, composition board, brick, block. Not to be used on silicone or waxy coatings found on some factory finishes.

Download our technical data sheet and MSDS here

See our Cost & Coverage Comparison Chart to see how we stack up against our competitors.

  • Offers exceptional coverage
  • Exceeds LEED Certication and Green Seal Standards
  • Contains no formaldehyde, biocides, fungicides, toluene or benzyne
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