Homestead House Milk Paint Stain

Homestead House Milk Paint Stain


Our Natural Milk Paints stains and all of our Milk Paints can be used as a stain, they are very easy to apply compared to conventional stains. This is a true eco way to stain your wood! and take only minutes to dry without any harsh chemical smells or toxins.

Milk Paint Stains

Just mix with water, stir and apply to bare porous wood. For the stain to work well your surface must be free of any previous finish, this stain will penetrate the wood and bind with the wood fibres. You should only need 1 coat if you have mixed your stain correctly. Always test your mix on the wood surface in an inconspicuous spot to make sure you are happy. If you have applied one coat, and it isn’t quite dark or opaque enough for you, a second coat can always be applied.


Our Milk Paint stains comes in 4 wood shade colours: Pacific Redwood, Provincial Walnut, Quebec Maple and Sherwood Brown. Many people custom blend colours together to create a custom shade variation. Any milk paint colour can be turned into a stain by following the stain mixing instructions. Just mix, apply and seal!

Milk Paint stain colours

Sealing Milk Paint Stain

Once you are satisfied with the application of your Milk Paint Stain you can gently sand with a 300 grit sand paper to smooth out any raised wood grain. Once you are satisfied, you may continue with your desired top coat. Hemp oil, Tung oil or beeswax are all excellent top coat finishes that are 100% natural and food safe. The oil helps to seal and protect the surface and to saturate the Milk Paint so it appears vibrant and not chalky.

Hemp oil and beeswax are recommended for interior applications. Tung oil is recommended for exterior. Two coats of oil is ideal and you’re done! A varnish or urethane may also be used but the true colour of the stain can be appreciated more with an oil topcoat.

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Food safe Salad Bowl finish

The Salad Bowl Finish wax is a food safe wax that gives a matte look, it can be buffed to a higher sheen or gloss. It is a paste and needs to be rubbed into the surface, has great water resistance, however a little more work than the Hemp Oil. The Hemp Oil is a natural oil that is easy to apply, really penetrates into the wood. They are both great finishes. You can combine them and use both! Hemp Oil first, then beeswax over top for extra long lasting durability.

Quick tip: If you apply a wax finish, you will have to continue with wax in the future, as oil can not be put over wax as it will not be able to penetrate and soak in.


Can you custom mix stains?

Yes it is very easy to mix them together You can do it in the dry powder format, or the wet liquid format. Make sure that you write down your mix in case you need to recreate it.

Are they safe to use indoors?

Our Milk Paint stains are 100% safe for using indoors. Virtually odourless and non toxic. Dries in 10-15 minutes. The most eco-friendly way to stain your wood, no fumes and no harmful chemicals for your indoor air!


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