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Thinking about becoming a retailer?

Thank you so much for considering carrying our Milk Paint!

When you join our family we want to see you succeed every step of the way. We offer video-tutorials, merchant-only newsletters, a private Merchant Facebook Community, Conferences & Retreats and many other tools to assist our merchants to succeed in presenting our products to their consumers.

We have put together some FAQ's to help you decide!


Our recommended start-up order is approximately $500.00 CAD. This includes everything you need to get your shelves stocked with Milk Paint, companion products, and marketing materials.

Using UPS or another highly reputable courier, your orders leave within 3 business days from our warehouse.

Cost of shipping is very reasonable. We pay all customs and brokerage fees for orders entering into the USA.

We do not like to put retailers so close together that they are directly competing with each other, however, we also need to balance this with the customers needs to easily access milk paint in store, where they can receive excellent product support. We have a non-exclusive territory, while taking into consideration the above. 

By having the customers come into the store, you can provide the best solution for them for their project making sure they walk out the door with everything they need to successfully complete their project(s) and also encourage them to take a hands-on workshop!

Milk Paint is a unique product on the market and requires a little more hands-on knowledge in terms of how to best use the products for a variety of results. To ensure the best education, we recommend Online or In Person Training.

We want each retailer to be able to confidently use all of the products in the line and answer questions about them to properly support their customers. These workshops are fun, informative and set you up for success!

Our main goal is to partner with “brick and mortar” shops where the retailer and staff are trained and available to offer customer support in store. It is also ideal if space is available onsite or close by where workshops can be hosted.

Absolutely and we encourage it!

Milk Paint has almost no limitation to what you can achieve with it! You’re in control.

By learning how to mix and apply through our online tutorials and using it first hand, you will be amazed at the variety of different looks and effects you can easily achieve!

We want you to try it before committing to selling it in your store. We have made a potential retailer kit available for you to purchase at a discounted price. Once you try it, we know you’ll love it and want to sell it in your store!

Please fill this Retailer Application HERE


Can I be a retailer for Homestead House if I sell another line of paint in my store?
Yes! We encourage the use of many different products, to achieve many different looks and finishes.


 Yes, I want to be a Retailer! What is the next step?

If this answers your questions and you would like to move forward, please go the Retailer Application page.


Once you fill out the form, we will then continue with the application process.
** Please note that it can take up to 5 business days to process **

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