Coal Black Furniture Flip

Coal Black Furniture Flip

Coal Black Furniture Flip. Green is here to stay. Whether you are eco-friendly or not, it's hard to avoid the topic of environmental impact and how we can reduce our footprint on Earth a little bit more each day!

That’s why we love our Hemp Oil & Milk Paint - The true Eco-Friendly alternative painting option. Not only is our paint and Hemp Oil made from natural sources, but it also provides an alternative for those who want healthier, greener options. The cherry on top is we are also helping reduce land waste by upcycling old furniture.

Coal Black furniture flip

Coal Black Milk Paint Makeover

Coal Black is a popular colour in our Milk Paint and Furniture Painting range. This true deep, rich shade has no blue tones to it and works well with many colours! A great staple for your paint collection, you'll find that this hue goes with everything from light greys up to reds. It is a staple in most interior schemes.

Coal Black furniture flip

Prep for Milk Paint

Prepping your furniture for Milk Paint requires a minimum of cleaning with TSP Alternative to remove built-up dirt and grease. If your piece is very shiny and you want full coverage without the chippy look, then we recommend good scuff sand. Stubborn surfaces like high gloss and laminate will require the addition of Bonding Agent which can be painted on your piece or added to the mixed Milk Paint. Bonding agent is Ultra Grip.

first coat of Coal Black milk paint

When you apply the Milk Paint and it dries, it looks dull and chalky, but don't worry! trust the process. Milk Paint comes to life when you add a topcoat. Oil-based like our Hemp OilStain and Finishing Oils or our Furniture wax topcoats work than water-based for bringing out the true depth of colour.

Chippy Milk Paint

Chippy Milk Paint can look stunning on the right piece of furniture! How do you know if your paint will chip? Well, that is the million-dollar question. Milk Paint does have a degree of spontaneity and you sometimes have to go with it. Doing correct prep steps can help avoid chipping if you do not want that look.

Chippy milk paint

Milk Paint dries and cures in 30 minutes! Yes, you read that correctly. Once it is dry it is cured, this is a natural paint with no fillers or synthetic binders. It is organic and bio-degradable! Having no binders is one of the reasons we recommend you keep stirring as you paint and one of the reasons it can sometimes resist and chip away.

Milk Paint and Hemp Oil - The true Eco-friendly alternative painting option

When dry all milk paint colours look dull and chalky. Adding Hemp Oil brings the colour to life. The difference is almost magical. Hemp Oil and Milk Paint have a wonderful relationship! Hemp Oil soaks into the Milk Paint and often through to the wood beneath binding it with the wood fibres. This finish is tough as it dries and the best part is it is a natural wood finish. No chemicals or additives of any kind. A real eco option for top coating Milk Paint. Our hemp oil is a pure drying oil that has been processed for wood finishing.

Hemp Oil over Coal Black

One of our favourite combinations is to paint with Coal Black over orange toned wood. When it is distressed and you get to see a little of that warm wood peak through, it is a beautiful colour pairing!

Hemp Oil over Coal Black

Applying Hemp Oil is super easy, just get it on the surface! You can use an old brush a rag or even your hands ( a great moisturiser ) rub it into the surface and allow it to soak for up to 24hrs or as little as 10 mins. Remove all excess oil with a clean rag and buff for a beautiful soft lustre sheen. 

Coal Black furniture Flip
Coal Black milk paint dresser Hemp Oil finish.
corner shot of coal black painted dresser

Coal Black Furniture Flip

Our Milk Paint is a true eco-friendly paint and our Hemp Oil is too. As a company it is important to us to be as kind to our environment as possible and recycling old furniture is a wonderful way to help. We go to great lengths to make sure we are as eco-conscious as possible and we are always making improvements. You can use our products indoors without compromising the quality of your indoor air.

Coal Black furniture flip

Milk Paint and Hemp Oil provide a soft buttery smooth tactile finish like no other! The feel and look just can not be replicated with modern paints. You have to feel it to believe it!

Coal Black furniture flip

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