Scottish Inspired Guest Room - Custom Colour Wall Paint

Scottish Inspired Guest Room - Custom Colour Wall Paint

Did you know that Homestead House and Fusion Mineral Paint have products not just for your furniture projects but also for your home? We’ve got everything from stains to interior and exterior paints, which is everything you could need to give your home a makeover from top to bottom! For this project, we needed to give a builder-grade home some character and there’s no better way to do that than with inspiration from some of the most beautiful interiors in the world. We wanted to bring in an old Scottish countryside look to our guest room and the first place to start was the walls. Follow along as we complete this stunning Manor Green Guest Room Makeover.

Here is a before look at our room:

Below is a list of supplies you’ll need to complete a similar Guest Room Makeover 

The Guest Room Prep

When designing this room, we knew we needed to have woodwork on the wall. Wood trim or panelling is common in a lot of homes in Europe, but in Scotland, homes are adorned with rich and old woodwork like a feature of art. Installing the wood trim was the starting point so we began with using 1×4 baseboard trim, to mark our wall’s halfway point. Nailing into the studs was the easiest way to secure the boards to the wall.

Once the trim was installed, we started with the tongue and groove pine planks. The easiest way to install these is to measure the space from the bottom of the trim to the top of the floor baseboard. The walls will not be square or level, so it’s best to measure each piece individually. Use the tongue and groove locks to secure each piece together before nailing it into the wall. Then just add the 1×2 wood boards to the top of the trim to create a small ledge for a higher-end look. 

The next step in our prep process is to fill all the nail holes with caulk. You can use wood filler but for small pin hole-size nails, caulk will work just fine. Once the caulk has dried, you can take a sanding pad to smooth out the surface. 

For the last step in our woodwork process, we just fill the seams with caulk. This helps to give so much of the intricacy in the paneling, a more seamless and finished look.

Manor Green Guest Room Makeover

Homestead House offers a variety of finishes and colours, but did you know that our interior wall paint can be colour-matched to any colour? We even offer a range of curated shades for specific and historic colour schemes. When we were deciding on a main colour for the room, we knew we had to pick something deep, and rich. But, most importantly, something that reminded us of the Scottish Highland moors. We chose Manor Green, a colour from the Fusion Mineral Paint collection We decided to use the eggshell finish interior wall paint. 

Manor Green is a deep, opulent green that leans into black undertones and is inspired by historical homes and landscapes.

Our paint typically needs only one coat to fully cover previously painted walls without the need for a primer. Since we were painting on raw wood, we opted for two coats as the first coat tends to soak into the wood, leaving some spots requiring touchups. A second coat is a great way to make sure you didn’t miss anything!

Our paint is also available in multiple sheens. We chose the eggshell finish to give us a scrubbable surface and add a bit of a sheen. You can see the light reflecting off the insets of our door here and how pretty the colour is against natural light. 

A Scottish Getaway

This room feels like a snapshot of time, evoking nostalgia about our Scottish heritage. To go somewhere you love and live in a moment isn’t something we get to do every day. But, with a bit of creativity, some paint and a whole lot of treasures, we can enjoy it any time. Welcome to the Scotland Room!

Aside from the many treasures in this room, one of our favourite features is the wooden planks on the ceiling. Stay tuned for our upcoming blog on accomplishing these ceiling wooden planks. They’re finished using the rich warm stain, Fusion Double Espresso Gel Stain.

We also wanted to add a very subtle wallpaper to the room for some added character. Plaid and tartan are used often in Scottish Interiors. We decided to add this plain black and white square plaid paper to give us a nice neutral background and allow our paint to be the star of the show!

The most fun part of this room makeover of course was adding all the décor and finishing touches. Every time we put something on the wall, it reminded us of where this item was found and the lovely experiences we had in collecting it. It truly was a treat to have so many memories thoughtfully displayed.

This guest room makeover is hands down one of the best projects we’ve done yet. We’ve loved every minute of taking our boring builder-grade home from a plain square box, to a well-loved, collected and inspired room. All was accomplished using Fusion and Homestead House products. We hope you enjoyed this transformation as much as we loved doing it! We can’t wait to see all your room makeovers and inspirations.

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