Transforming Memories: Refinishing a Telephone Table

Transforming Memories: Refinishing a Telephone Table

Furniture holds a special place in our homes, often carrying cherished memories and stories within its wood and design. Refinishing furniture not only revives its beauty but also allows us to preserve those memories while giving a fresh lease on life to the piece. In this blog post, we'll take you through the exciting journey of refinishing a telephone table using Homestead House Milk Paint in the warm and inviting shade of "Autumn Leaves." Here's a look at the before:

The Story Behind the Telephone Table

Every piece of furniture has a story to tell, and this telephone table was no different. Passed down through generations, this quaint table had witnessed countless conversations and stood as a witness to the changing times. Over the years, its worn, and minor scratches adorned its surface. With a desire to honour its history and update its appearance, we turned to Homestead House Milk Paint in the lovely hue of "Autumn Leaves."

The Charm of Homestead House Milk Paint

Homestead House Milk Paint has gained a reputation for its environmentally friendly formula and authentic, vintage appeal. Made from natural ingredients like milk protein, lime, and earth pigments, this paint offers a rustic finish that beautifully complements older pieces like our telephone table. The "Autumn Leaves" shade promised to infuse warmth and character into the piece, enhancing its visual appeal.

Preparation and Materials

Before starting any refinishing project, proper preparation is key. We gathered the necessary materials, TSP Alternative, sandpaper, Homestead House Milk Paint in "Autumn Leaves," our go-to Staalmeester paintbrush, clear furniture wax, and lint-free cloths. Deep cleaning with TSP Alternative and a quick scuff sanding of the table's surface removed the existing finish and provided a smooth canvas for the new paint.

Applying Homestead House Milk Paint

The application of milk paint requires a bit of patience and a willingness to embrace the unpredictability of the process. We mixed the "Autumn Leaves" powder with water, a 1:1: ratio, creating a smooth and consistent paint.

The first coat went on, revealing the wood's natural texture through the paint's soft, matte finish. After letting it dry, a second coat enhanced the colour's depth and intensity. This gradually covered imperfections while still allowing some areas to peek through.

Sealing the Beauty

Once we were satisfied with the colour & distressing, it was time to seal the paint and protect the table's renewed charm. Applying clear furniture wax with a cloth added a subtle sheen while safeguarding the paint from everyday wear and tear.

The Final Reveal

With the refinishing process complete, we stepped back to admire the transformation. The telephone table that had seen decades of life now stood proudly with a rejuvenated spirit. The "Autumn Leaves" colour lent warmth to the room. This created an inviting focal point that perfectly balanced modern aesthetics with nostalgic sentiment.

A Timeless Metamorphosis

Refinishing furniture with Homestead House Milk Paint "Autumn Leaves" was a journey that blended nostalgia, creativity, and craftsmanship. Through careful preparation, skillful application, and a touch of distressing, the telephone table emerged as a masterpiece that celebrated its history. This project served as a reminder that each piece of furniture carries a unique narrative. With a little love and creativity, we can ensure those stories continue to be told for generations to come.

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