Collection: 100% Interior / Exterior Acrylic Latex Paint

Find Out if Acrylic Paint is Right For You!

This 100% acrylic latex paint, provides a very durable, washable and breathable finish that is fade resistant. For protecting one of your most valuable assets ( your home ) why settle for anything less?

This is a premium formulation for exterior as well as interior uses. Homestead House100% Acrylic Paint has no vinyl ingredients, dries to a durable satin-flat finish. It can be sprayed, brushed or rolled on.

Modern technology together with the colours of our Canadian
heritage has produced this high-quality product for home decorating. A durable finish that is washable, spot and fade resistant. Ideal for most interior or exterior surfaces. Homestead House Traditional Oil Base Paint is recommended for windows and trims, doors and low traffic areas.

Exterior Use

Concrete, brick, stucco, masonry – NO Primer required. Primed wood and metal, prefinished siding, asbestos shingles. Do not apply on horizontal surfaces where standing water forms.
DO NOT USE ON silicone or waxy coatings found on some factory finishes. Don’t use on new drywall, instead use our water-based primer.

Interior Use

Walls, ceilings, previously painted surfaces, etc. This satin flat sheen is ideal for hiding imperfections.
For a desired DEAD-FLAT sheen (which mimics the Milkpaint and distempers of our past), see our Interior Edition Latex Dead-Flat VOC FREE product. A slightly higher sheen is better used on trim, doors, cabinetry for increased scrubbability and aesthetic appeal, see our EGGSHELL Interior Edition Latex.
• Satin Flat Sheen
• Interior and Exterior Use
• Ultra Durable

* Homestead House does its best to display accurate colours online, but the however on-screen colour representations vary from actual paint colours. It is simply a computer representation of the paint colour to help give you an idea of the colour. Every single computer monitor will display these colours differently.

** Although we do our best to ensure exact colour matching, there may be slight batch variations over time due to pigments changing and the ageing of the paint. Be sure to mix several cans of paint together of the same colour to ensure that any batch variations are nullified. Also, it is always a good idea to keep a small can of paint used for future touch ups to ensure that you have the exact same colour.