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Milk Paint by Homestead House



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Why use a Primer? It's the last step in surface preparation for long lasting results.

A primer seals uneven porous surfaces and prepares substrates to provide a uniform foundation for Homestead House's 100% Acrylic Latex, Traditional Oil or Interior Edition Latex. It eliminates low gloss spots on newly patched areas and improves the appearance of the topcoat. 

Use on

Old paint or bare wood (cedar, pine, mahogany, plywood and other woods that stain), previously varnished or tinted surfaces, composition board, brick, block, textured ceilings that disintegrate when wet, metallic wallpaper and those with water soluble dyes.

With the proper preparation using our Alkyd Primer followed by our 100% Acrylic Latex Exterior paint, your paint surfaces should last 15-20 years in excellent condition on the outside of your house


Do not use on

Don't use on silicone or waxy coatings found on some factory finishes. Don’t use on new drywall, instead use our water-based primer.


• Super Adherent

• Good Penetration

• High Hiding

• Interior and Exterior Use

(Surcharge may apply depending on quantity of gallons ordered and shipping destination.)

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