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Milk Paint by Homestead House



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Our collection of Yellows manages to range from the brightest of brights to the beautifully muted!

Combed Wool - a muted aged yellow with a hint of soft green
Buttermilk Cream - A soft traditional warm yellow
Sand - a soft light beige colour
Hampton - a muted tan with a hint of rust
Ochre - a cheerful light yellow
Prairie Sunset - an antiqued sunshine yellow
Garden Seed - A warm yellow with a slight orange hue
Antique Gold,  -A deep muted yellow with a hint of green-grey
Amber – A dark honey yellow with a shade of burnt orange
Mustard - a traditional rich dark yellow with a muted orange hue


50g Tester 8-10 ft² (a side table, several mirror frames or small chair)

330g (1 Quart / 0.5 lbs) 70-75 ft² (a dresser and a side table)

2.3kg (10 Quarts / 5 lbs) 700-750 ft² (a large dining room table with 8 chairs and sideboard)

4.5kg (20 Quarts / 10 lbs) 1,400-1,500 ft² (large size kitchen, all cabinets and an island)

13.6kg (60 Quarts / 30 lbs) 4,200-4,500 ft² (multiple large projects, a full size deck and large kitchen and flooring etc)


Homestead House milk paints are biodegradable!

Homestead House colours depict the pioneer and colonial era of colours popular in those time periods. For more beautiful examples of the colours in the Milk Paints please visit our Blog.


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