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Staalmeester® ProHybrid Series Gift Box (3 Brushes)

Staalmeester® ProHybrid Series Gift Box (3 Brushes)

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A must-have for any DIY painter!

The perfect gift for yourself, or a loved one who loves to paint it beautiful. Get the right tools to make your job so much easier!

Featuring the Pro-Hybrid series: The Pro-Hybrid series is characterized by its 100% synthetic fiber. The synthetic fiber is soft so that a brush stroke free result is easily achieved. Featuring an INOX ferrule, it is excellent for all paints.

Includes 2 Round Sash 2020 (26 mm and 29 mm) and one Bent Fitch 2024 (16 mm), excellent for getting into the most difficult areas! 

The round brush is the universal round brush and is extremely versatile and perfect for painting window frames, doors, spindles, and kitchen cabinets. 

The bended brush is best used on surfaces that are hard to reach, like top windows and corners or inside awkward pieces of furniture that are hard to reach. Excellent for applying topcoats for a super smooth application.

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