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Staalmeester® The One Series - Round Artist

Staalmeester® The One Series - Round Artist

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The ONE series are Rolls Royce of the Staalmeester® brushes. This artist brush is excellent for furniture painting or canvas painting.

Two brush sizes available:
#6 - 6mm round brush head
#12 - 12mm round brush head

Made of ultra-fine synthetic bristles, super soft to the touch, offering incredible coverage and control with the finest quality.

  • Leaving no brush strokes behind.
  • Excellent for Canvas painting
  • Featuring a high absorbency bristle
  • The brush is unique because of its elasticity, its precision in drawing lines, and because of its high form-stability.

This brush distinguishes itself by its higher absorptive capacity than natural bristles, and by the fact that the oil paints can be applied without thinner.

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Wash with our Brush Cleaner to maintain this brush for life. 

Do not let paint dry on the bristles, submerge in water just below the ferrule and let soak if you have no time to clean your brush. Come back later to wash it out with brush cleaner.

  1. Hand made with FSC certified wood
  2. Imported from the Netherlands

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